Our Services

Robot Creative Automation

"Combine robotics and show entertainment it's the final result of a constant evolution of the stage technology. [..] A real automation merge the machines and software through communications networks."
The company is the first to develop automation systems with Industrial Robots in television, business conventions, concerts, theaters and special events. Today we successfully achieved to install our Robots, with our customized software and frames for LED screen and matched them with traditional yet state of the art automation for fast programming and to match requests of the most different usage.


"A flexible and dynamic system, which allows us to offer customers the best technologies on the market".
The company is the first to develop Kinesys automation systems for the management of graphical projection of three-dimensional objects in motion and we can offer any solution for any needs from small venue to complex and bigger event in any sector of the market : from corporate to fashion and from Concerts to TV studios.


Our capability in projection has no limits We can offer Christie and Barco projectors ranging from 5000 to 35000 ansi lumens and optics for every distance. Most of these are equipped with twist card and software for the adjustment on non-regular surfaces or blending. These technologies allow for stereoscopic projection (3D) and hemispheric projection (360°).

Led Display

The diode which changes the event Barco, Tecnovision and Toshibaranging from 3 mm step up, indoor and outdoor, on occasion transparent which can also lead to curved screens. Noteworthy also mipix, cubes of about 4 cm per side, with 4 pixels each with which to make the forms more imaginative.

Creative Led

Led screen of many shapes and dimensions, never realized before, which follow your creativity.

Camera & Control System

The first floor of the singer and the bust of the marketing man Regie HD strictly in flight case to get anywhere, from the mixer light from vj to Grass Valley digital cameras broadcast in HD and SD, studio or ENG cameras, equipped with long and wide angles optics.


High fidelity from the microphone to the line array. Line array devices or the latest generation of radio microphones, Dolby surround systems and audio mixers allow event to manage audio for both convention and TV broadcasting.


Looking for perfect light Bright, fascinating and emotional scenarios with the best professional lighting systems.

Render 3D

The virtual as real From the approval of the creative idea and the initial storyboard, we can start projecting the 3D ambient. We can apply the videos and the texture ad hoc, camera movements to see your scene from all points of view. An ideal capability to get a realistic multidimensional view of your event set up in advance.